Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Invite Messi For Dinner At UEFA Awards
Ronaldo and Messi at the UEFA Awards/Twitter

We may be seeing two of the greatest footballers in history who have had the biggest rivalry between players of the game in recent years dinning together pretty soon if events at the 2019 UEFA awards on Thursday is anything to go by.

During an interview which was part of the Champions League draw coverage on BT Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo invited Lionel Messi out to dinner.

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Ronaldo sat in front row next to Messi and UEFA Men’s Best Player award winner Virgil van Dijk, replying to questions regarding his relationship with his fellow five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

The duo were seen in conversation throughout the ceremony in Monaco and Ronaldo had some great words to say about their lengthy battle at the top – extending an invitation for dinner to Messi and showing that there is incredible respect between them.

“I shared this stage with him (Messi) for 15 years,” Ronaldo said.

“I don’t know if it has ever happened before in football – the same two guys in the same stage all the time. Of course, we have a good relationship – we have not had dinner together yet, but I hope so in the future.

“We have that battle, he pushed me and I pushed him as well. It’s great to be a part of the history of football. I am there, and of course, he is as well.”

Watch the interview below. Courtesy of BT Sport.