T.B Joshua scoan
TB Joshua Reacts To Accusations He’s Evil (Photo: @SCOANTBJoshua/Twitter)

Sierra Leone President Julius Bio has dismissed his state chief of protocol (SCOP) Edna Kargbo after the latter shared a testimony in church, Concise News understands.

Kargbo was in Nigeria at the Synagogue Church of All Nations founded by Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua where he shared the testimony.

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The presidential aide then showed photos of her appointment letter and house to the congregation, noting that God has been faithful.

“I want to thank God for blessing me with this job as SCOP to the president of Sierra Leone, ambassador at large and the blessings that come with it,” she had said.

“If you look closely at this picture you will see my luxurious house God has blessed me with. I was living in a single room apartment. But my story is now different.”

However, the testimony at T.B Joshua’s SCOAN had sparked outrage among Sierra Leoneans whose government said it wants to slash public expenditures.

Kargbo was eventually sacked by the president in a letter where he also said more investigations would be made into the matter.

“The official has been relieved of her duties following a testimony she gave in a Nigerian church,” the letter read.

“Further administrative investigations will be carried out.”

Furthermore, Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission said Kargbo is being investigated.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission has opened an official investigation into the conduct of the official and her testimony,” the commission said on Wednesday in a statement.

We will also look at her source of wealth in acquiring her house and other properties. If it contradicts the anti-corruption act or we find instances of unexplained wealth, she will be charged to court and will be asked to pay a fine.”

‘TB Joshua Arrested’

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has released a clip showing the General Overseer of the Word Bible Church, Pastor Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi ‘arresting the spirit’ of the Leader and founder of SCOAN, Prophet T. B. Joshua.

Concise News reports that on its Emmanuel TV’s official YouTube channel, a woman claimed Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her for ‘demonic’ powers. The video was published at the weekend.

SCOAN says it decided to release the clip to illustrate the persecution T.B. Joshua has faced over the years.

In the clip, Pastor Kumoluyi (now also called Prophet) whose church is sited in Ketu- Lagos, is seen praying for a woman who claimed one of Africa’s famous clerics made love advances to her.

“This bizarre footage – taken over two decades ago at a Lagos church – shows the extent of persecution TB Joshua has endured over the years, especially from religious groups and places of worship.

“In the midst of a large congregation, this lady sensationally claims she slept with TB Joshua to give him demonic powers and made a satanic covenant with him – all the time being egged on by Nigerian Pastor Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi.

“The climax of the staged confession comes when TB Joshua’s ‘spirit’ allegedly descends into the church and is ‘arrested’!

“After the whole ‘drama’, the same spoke again in a subsequent talkshow, admitting churches should preach salvation rather than condemnation and leave the issue for God,” reads a statement issued by the Church together with the footage.

The woman, who spoke in Yoruba, claims that TB Joshua belongs to her occult group and that the SCOAN leader used to convene with them underneath the Calabar River in Cross River State in Nigeria.