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Buhari addresses world leaders in Paris (image courtesy Presidency)

A Yoruba leader Ayo Adebanjo has said it would be unfair for the South West to get the presidency in 2023 instead of the South East, Concise News reports.

Adebanjo noted that the South East was the only region in the country that has not produced the president and warned that no part of Nigeria should be left out.

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He said this as many pundits give contrary opinions on which region Buhari should hand over to when he ends his tenure in 2023.

“Whoever is saying it (that power should go back to the South West) is deceiving himself and the people,” Adebanjo told Vanguard.

“How do you want to keep the country and say a section of the country should not be President?”

He also said, “The West has done, the South has done, the North has done several times, then you want it to go back to the West again, and you want the country to be together, and you don’t want IPOB to talk, why are we deceiving ourselves?

“There is no honesty in it; there is no principle in it. Anybody who is saying power should come back to the South-West (2023) is an enemy of Nigeria’s unity.

“If we are sincere about keeping the country together under a federal system, it is illegal and immoral for that Constitution to exclude an important unit of the federation. It is not a question of whether you like it or not.”

Nigeria operates an unofficial zoning system where the presidency is rotated between the south and the north.

Buhari, from the country’s North West state of Katsina, would complete his two-term tenure of eight years in four years’ time.

He is expected to hand over to a president from the southern part of the West African nation.