Nigerian-American artiste Jidenna Mobisson has revealed that he was shot at the age of 6, Concise News understands.

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In an interview with Breakfast club where he spoke about crime rates in Africa, Jidenna  said Nigerians were known for scamming foreigners because of their level of ‘smartness.’

“Scamming happens in Nigeria. And the reason why Nigerians are known for scamming is not that we’re bad people,” he said.

“It’s because we’re smarter than a lot of people. So, as criminals, we’re going to be top at least. Yes, so we will be the best at hacking and everything we do. I used to sell chains from China town. In the hood, I know all the latest jewelry. So, I get cheap ones and take them to downtown Boston to sell to white boys. That was a scam.”

Revealing how he was shot at age 6, he said: “My family went through a robbery, kidnapping. Women were assaulted. In most robberies, when the robbers want to say they mean business, they usually shoot up. For mine, they shot down and caught me in my foot,” he continued.

“Luckily, we escaped. They went to go rob somebody else on the highway. This was in Nigeria. I don’t want to paint Nigeria like ‘this is what happens.’ It’s like painting the United States based on the mass shootings. We all know it happens but that’s not it.”