Islamic Group Charge Buhari Over Herders, Farmers Clash
Muhammadu Buhari: image courtesy State House

President Muhammadu Buhari has been asked by an Islamic group Nasrulahi-l Faith Society (NASFAT) to reveal the identities of those arrested in connection with various farmers and herders clashes in Nigeria.

This news medium learned that the call was made by NASFAT’s Chief Missioner, Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, in a statement issued on Tuesday.

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“Government must reveal the identities of those arrested in connection with herders, farmers clashes to Nigerians, with a view to dispelling the rumour and countering the narrative that the crimes were perpetrated only by Muslim,” read the statement.

Onike added that the orgy of violent farmer/herdsmen clashes being experienced in some parts of Nigeria had nothing to do with religion as he blamed the unrest on Climate Change, increased urbanization and lack of mutual trust among the populace.

“Why did every governor accept the National Livestock Transformation Policy of the government, but some of them kicked against the government’s genuine efforts to tame the frequent clashes between farmers and herdsmen through RUGA (Rural Urban Grazing Area),” the statement added.

“Is it that the policy was not well communicated?

“There is, therefore, the need for government to always endeavour to communicate its policies clearly and not give room for mischief makers to perpetuate their evil intention.”

NASFAT had called for the prosecution of those behind killings in Benue and Nasarawa states.

Both states have witnessed multiple killings in recent times by suspected herdsmen.

“Nigerians were again jolted with the sad news of the killing of some clergymen and several others, yesterday in Benue State,” the body had said.

“Islam as a religion holds lives so sacred to the extent that it’s Holy Book decreed that whoever kills a soul is like he has killed the entire mankind (Q5:32).

“While we seek collective efforts of all and sundry to ensure that peace reigns supreme in all parts of our dear country, caution should, however, be exercised not to ascribe religious coloration into this senseless killing.

“Anyone who breaks law and order should be dealt with within the ambits of the law, regardless of his race, tribe or religion. Moreover, the perpetrators have never come out to say they are fighting the religious war, so also has no intelligence report points in that direction. ‘A criminal is a criminal.’”