Prophet TB Joshua
Leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Prophet T. B. Joshua (Photo: NigerianEye)

Chinese Preacher Shou Qiang of Mobile Altar of Kingdom on Sunday said Nigeria’s Prophet T.B Joshua, the leader of Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) is a ‘true Prophet due to love of people and incorruptibility’.

Concise News reports that Qiang was liberated from evil spirit of suicide which has been tormenting him for years.

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Qiang told the congregation monitored on SCOAN’s Emmanuel TV that upon visiting the church at the weekend, Prophet Joshua prophesied his three attempted suicide over financial, marriage, spiritual challenges he was facing.

“I came here as my last hope for three attempted  suicide wanted to commit. This has been happening despite being managing my own ministry.

“The moment Prophet T.B Joshua prophesied it within the cloud then I went in front of the service for deliverance that afterwards my heart, body felt relieved. Only his touch, I got liberated. This is a true man of God living with us in this modern generation,” states Qiang.

The Maravi Post further quotes the Asian as saying: “Prophet T.B Jousha is real Man of God sent to liberate his children from all sorts of satanic or evil bondage.

“T.B Joshua is true Prophet due to love of people, embraces people from all nations, feed people and treat them well when they visit the church, not corrupt and serious investment.

“I want to grow my ministry church in China after I become his disciple that I reach more Chinese for the true living God through Prophet T.B Joshua”, discloses Ziang who started his ministry 2013.

Furthermore, at the Sunday Service, Joshua engaged a sex worker from Delta State in the Southern part of Nigeria.

“There is a woman there – you are a prostitute” he prophesies.

He then proceeds to describe the outfit of the woman.

“You have this wig on your head. It is of different colours. Please come out. You can be among the children of God.

“I think it is time to quit. To quit and give your life to God. Please come out. She is there” prophesies T.B. Joshua while pointing towards the direction where the said woman is sitting.

No sooner had the prophet made the description and called her out than the woman donning multi-coloured braids walked forward where Prophet Joshua engaged her to quit.

“I am the prostitute. I smoke, I drink. I go to clubs, I meet with men” she confesses.