Men Suit: 22 Golden Rules About Wearing Suits All Men Should Know
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The suit is a stand-out outfit that gives a man an elegant and confident look. But it comes with rules which every wearer needs to obey or appear miserable. I am sure you do not want that.

Let’s go through the golden rules of wearing suits by men– the colour, ties, a particular suit that fits your shoes and so on.

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Rules About Wearing Suit Every Man Should Know 

Three-Piece Suit
Three-Piece Suit: Pinterest

Do you remember the popular saying: ”a well-tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men?” 

It isn’t merely about wearing a suit. Also, there’s so much that goes into donning it. It’s all about a glove-like fit and attention to detail. Don’t be discouraged by the rules, if there’s one thing that assures instant attention, that of the good class, wherever you go, it’s definitely your own suit.

1. Always open your last button
Classic Wedding Suit
Classic Wedding Suit: Pinterest

Are you aware that the last button of your suit is purely for beauty purposes? You should always keep it open. Remember, always!

2. Always Unbutton the Bottom of a Double Buttoned-Breast
Men Suit: 22 Golden Rules About Wearing Suits All Men Should Know
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It’s in good faith I bring to you, always open the button of your double buttoned-breast jacket. Always leave it unbuttoned.

3. Don’t Over Decorate Your Suit
Men Suit: 22 Golden Rules About Wearing Suits All Men Should Know
Image Credit: Pinterest

It’s not ideal to over-accessorize your suit jacket with different accessories: a pocket bar, sidebar, a lapel pin is too much for you, you can optimize its usage.

4. Use Appropriate Clip for Your Tie
Men Suit: 22 Golden Rules About Wearing Suits All Men Should Know
Image Credit: Pinterest

Avoid using a wider tie bar that is more than the tie itself. Get an appropriate clip for your tie, or do not use any.

5. Never Pair a Sports Watch With a Suit
Men Suit: 22 Golden Rules About Wearing Suits All Men Should Know
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Sports watches do not fit with suits, always look for a separate watch. Get yourself a watch or do not use any.

6.  Use Tie Knot that Should be Decent Size
Business Suits
Business Suits: Pinterest

When you are choosing your suit always remember to choose your tie wisely in other to compliment your outfit. It makes you look hotter than in your casual wears.

7.  Button the Shirt At the Top
Button the Shirt At the Top:
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When you’re donning a suit that will go with a tie, always button the top of your shirt, for you to avoid committing the suit sin.

8. Unfasten the Buttons Of Your Suit When You Sit
Check Wedding Suit
Check Wedding Suit: Pinterest

Do not sit down while your suit is buttoned up, always unfasten the button of your suit when you’re sitting down.

9. Always Unfasten Your Vest Bottom Button Too
Photo Credit: Zorket.Com

This is the same rule with the jacket when you wear the suit vest alone, remember not to button up your jacket, and if you wear your jacket button it up. This is vice-versa.

10. The Suit’s Shoulder Should Fit Your Shoulder
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Never wear a suit that its shoulder will not hug your shoulder well. A suit is all about how it fits.

11. Mind Your Suit Trousers Length
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Your suit’s trousers length must not be longer than your ankles, so your shoes can be seen very well.

12. Your Shoes Should Compliment Colour of Suit
Your Shoes Should Compliment
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You must always be mindful of the combination of your shoes to compliment the suit, which will accentuate your look.

13. Avoid Wearing Baggy Trousers

A suit should always look fit on you, that’s why modern men do not wear baggy trousers.

14. Always Wear Socks That Cover Your Legs
Image: Pinterest

Always wear socks that will cover your legs, which must not be white, in other to prepare for the field. It wouldn’t be nice sitting down and your legs are showing.

15. Wear a Belt that Matches your Shoes
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It’s ideal to wear a belt with a colour that matches the colour of your shoes. This will always make your dressing classic.

16. Your Pocket Square Colour 
Classic Wedding Suit: Pinterest

When you beautify your suit with a pocket square, a light pocket square should always be paired with a dark suit.

17. Focus More On your Jacket
Wedding Suits Ideas For Men: Pinterest

Your suit jacket always speaks volumes of how classic your look is. You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and buttoned-up jacket.

18. Your suit fabrics determine your wearing frequency
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You should be mindful of the fabrics used for your suit: the fabrics will decide how often you should be wearing it, for it to last longer.

 19. Shirt Cuffs Shouldn’t Cover The Hand
Patterned Wedding Suit: Pinterest

Importantly, your shirt cuffs must not go over your hand, if the one you’re putting on those, change it.

20. Always remove the stitching on the vents
Single Breasted Suit
Single Breasted Suit: Pinterest

A new suit jacket would look awful if the stitching on the jacket is not removed before wearing the suit. Of course, it will appear weird.

21. Brace Don’t Go With A Belt:
Image Credit: Pinterest

Wearing a brace with your suit doesn’t require a belt, and wearing a belt doesn’t need a brace, vice-versa.

22. No-Gap Between the Shirt Collar and Suit
Three-Piece Suit
Three-Piece Suit

You must not leave space between the shirt collar and the suit provided you’re not wearing a tie.

Finally, if you’re just joining the league of men that wear suits, or if you’re a seasoned suit-wearer, our listed golden rules will help you to be sure you’re getting it right.

Remember, a well-fitted suit can make any man instantly look hotter.

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