Binta Ayo Mogaji (source: Instagram)
Binta Ayo Mogaji (source: Instagram)

Veteran thespian, Ayo Mogaji is of the opinion that new generation actresses do not make their money from the movie industry alone, Concise News understands.

Speaking as a guest on TVC, Mogaji stated that the display of affluence by the actresses is pioneered by their admirers.

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According to the talented act, some of those actresses have selling points which are their sources of income aside acting.

She said “New generation actresses that are making so much money or it seems that they are making so much money, is it basically from this industry? are those big big cars not gifts from admirers, are those big houses not gifts.”

“Like we were talking about nudity just now, some of these new generation actresses… they have a selling point some will say my boob is my selling point, going naked is my selling point, it sells for them it works for them and i dont grudge them for that.”

“But you cannot be my daughter and say because you want to be a superstar do such or certain things i’ll let you know that you met me there and thank God I may not be a star, I”m a technocrat.” she added.

Meanwhile, in an interview she granted last year, the veteran actress noted that she has never acted semi-nude or kissed throughout her decades of practicing as an actress, due to her Islamic background.