How To Achieve Spiritual Growth - Bishop Of Methodist Church Nigeria
Bishop Ademola Moradeyo (Photo:

The Bishop of Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Ogbomoso, Bishop Ademola Moradeyo has urged Christian Pilgrims to move closer to God and imbibe the teachings acquired during their sojourn in Jerusalem in order to achieve spiritual growth.

Concise News reports that Bishop Moradeyo, who is also the Chairman, Oyo State Pilgrims’ Welfare Board, Christian Wing advised pilgrims in the state to continually sustain the spiritual rebirth they had inculcated while in the Holy Land.

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Moradeyo gave the advice on Wednesday at a thanksgiving service held for the pilgrims at the premises of the board in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

He urged the pilgrims to renew their commitment to serving God and humanity and disallow issues of life to take away their love to fellow humans and service to the society.

The chairman enjoined the pilgrims not to deviate from the essence of the pilgrimage and abstain from any activity capable of making them backslide in faith and spiritual growth.

He noted that many Christians easily forget the lessons they learnt during pilgrimage to the Holy Land due to distractions and challenges of life which, he said, were inevitable in the journey of life.

“Christian pilgrims, who seek spiritual re-birth in the holy land, need to develop the passion to pray for remedy to the ills confronting the society as they return from the Holy Land.

“I urge you to move closer to your Creator and imbibe the teachings acquired during your sojourn in Jerusalem. You must also not forget to pray for the growth and prosperity of the state.

“If you do this, you can boast within yourself that you have achieved spiritual growth,” he stated.

Bwari Council Chairman reveals ambition for Christians

Meanwhile, John Gabaya, Bwari Area Council Chairman has promised to offer Christian pilgrimage slots to some residents yet to travel for the spiritual activity in Israel.

Gabaya made the promise on Wednesday in Abuja, during a sensitisation workshop on pilgrimage organised by FCT Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board, in collaboration with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

“Government has, in the past, offered the opportunity for some people to travel for the religious activity because of its spiritual blessings. We shall make efforts to also offer the opportunity within our capacity,” he said.

“I promise to leave a legacy for Christians in Bwari Area Council because I serve a living God whom has given me the grace to lead his people.

“In my capacity, I will try my best to see that a few of those who have not gone on pilgrimage before, get the opportunity to do so.

“Government has always assisted, but individuals must try and make their personal efforts by sacrificing a bit to ensure that more people gain the experience.

“This sacrifice is very necessary because it started with Christ who made a sacrifice for us all and it comes with a lot of blessings,” he said.

Dabara John, Director of the board, in a remark, said that the event, which was replicated in other area councils, was intended to get residents of the FCT acquainted with the process of pilgrimage.