Alex unusual (source: Instagram)
Alex unusual (source: Instagram)

Former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemate, Asogwa Alexandra, also known as Alex unusual, has hinted at getting married, Concise News understands.

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Taking to her Instagram page on Wednesday, August 21, Alex shared the experiences every married woman goes through in their marital journey.

She wrote, “SOMEDAYS She is worried and hopes she is a good wife #worries, She feels bad as he doesn’t compliment as much anymore and isn’t and sweet as he was in the beginning #change”

“She gets home from work really tired and the last thing she wants to hear is her children screaming and playing #stressful, She cooks with the available ingredients because there isn’t money to buy more and she hopes the food is manageable #pray”

“She hopes and prays she gives birth to kids just like others already have. #hope, She is in the kitchen almost all day because her husband has his meeting group and it’s his turn to host #sundaymeetings”

“She is constantly trying to figure out what lane her child wants to take in life and is bothered if she is a good mum #worries, She wishes her husband is at home a lot more #absense”

“She prays to God to give her the strength to stand her in-laws as they are super annoying #inlaws, She goes to her child’s school almost all the time to caution the teachers on her how to treat her child #school”

“She has the emotionally supportive husband that doesn’t have money to spend on her #money She comes back late from work and just wishes her husband will understand and not engage in any argument #understanding She wishes she married someone else #regrets”

“She sees those things she didn’t notice before marriage but has no choice than to stay #foresight She has an annoying house help that always has to be told what to do which is really frustrating #annoying”

“She said she has forgiven her husband for cheating but it constantly hurts her #forgiveness, She knows her husband is cheating but has to keep quiet for marriage sake #seal”

“She is having the best marriage ever #happy, She cries all the time praying to God to heal her sick husband or child #sickness.”

Alex, one of the housemates in the Double Wahala edition of BBNaija, further noted that married women should be respected, using the hashtag #RespectMarriedWomen