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Umahi. [Source: Vanguard]
The banned Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said only repentance can stop Igbo politicians from receiving the same treatment like Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Concise News reports.

This news medium understands that the pro-Biafra group had on Saturday assaulted Ekwerermadu who is the immediate past Deputy Senate President in an event in Germany.

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IPOB had vowed to extend the same fate to other Igbo political officer holders for not doing enough to stop the alleged killing of their kinsmen by Fulani herdsmen.

However, in a statement on Thursday in Awka, IPOB headed by Nnamdi Kanu said it can only reverse its threat “if every politician of Biafran extraction slavishly serving the Islamic Sokoto Caliphate to retrace their steps.”

It noted that it is also considering extending such threats to other Nigerian politicians who it claimed have looted the country dry.

“Morally upright people from around the world have commended the Indigenous People of Biafra for once again showing Nigerians the path that will lead them to liberation, that is, if they wish to be liberated,” IPOB said.

“As for we Biafran people, our objective is clearly set before us and our destination is a liberated and fully sovereign Biafran nation.

“Taa kabu gboo (opportunity still exists) for every politician of Biafran extraction slavishly serving the Islamic Sokoto Caliphate to retrace their steps and avoid this certainty of this onrushing rage from the masses and true owners of the land.

“This battle which IPOB has embarked upon will be at a time, place and methodology of our own choosing.

“It is imperative to state that in making that choice, there will be no differentiating between the subservient Biafran politician(s) who see nothing and hear nothing wrong when Biafraland is under Fulani military siege and their caliphate masters that dehumanize, abduct, torture and murder at will.

“As we march ahead in this sacred cause to restore our honor and dignity as a people no obstacle, be it human or material will be allowed to stand in our way.”

Also, it vowed that “Very soon we shall show Dave Umahi the Fulani slave in Ebonyi Government House that IPOB has not only the capacity and reach but also the power through the grace of Chukwuokike Abiama to achieve our set objectives and fulfill our promise to the living and the dead.”

The South East Governors Forum had threatened to ensure that any IPOB member who attacks an Igbo political leader would be deported back to Nigeria.

But the pro-Biafra group said it would not be cowed by such threats, adding that the battle has gone global.

“We are waiting for them and their trumpeters in all the civilized nations of the world. The story of their humiliation will become a subject of study in foreign institutions,” the statement added.

“Our struggle has shifted to the international arena where every eye will be watching and taking note.”