President Donald Trump. Image courtesy Reuters

US President Donald Trump snapped back Wednesday at Denmark’s premier in a row over his desire to buy Greenland, saying her blunt refusal to consider any negotiation was “nasty.”

Speaking after he scrapped plans to visit Copenhagen next month, Trump told reporters he had taken offence at Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s description of any such deal as “absurd.”

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“It was not a nice way of doing it. She could have just said no, we’d rather not do it,” Trump said. “She’s not talking to me, she’s talking to the United States of America.”

Trump has expressed interest in the self-governing part of Denmark — which is mostly covered in ice — asking advisors if it is possible for the US to acquire the territory, The Wall Street Journal said Thursday, citing people familiar with the discussions.

The president has been curious about the area’s natural resources and geopolitical relevance, the paper reported.

Greenland is a self-governing region of Denmark, which colonized the 772,000 square-mile (two-million square kilometer) island in the 18th century, and is home to nearly 57,000 people, most of whom belong to the indigenous Inuit community.