Filmmaker, Yomi Black has criticized founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye’s call for musicians and actors to return to church.

Concise News reports that Bamiloye, on Monday morning reiterated the need for actors and musicians who started their career in the church to return to their source.

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He wrote “All of you gifted and talented in music, acting, instruments, whom the Lord raised up from the church to be useful for him but have abandoned the Lord who raised you”

“You have began to sing for the clubs and the world, i plead with you to come back to your source. How can you receive gift from the lord and hand it over to the devil?”

“You use the gifts in the world because you said church has not paid you well. you have no reason whatever to leave Jesus Christ to sing for the world. It was not church that gave you gifts, it was Jesus.”

“How can you collect a gift from God and begin to use it for the devil? Can you face the consequences?” Jesus was the e who made you famous, how can you become popular finish and turn your back against him” he added.

Reacting, Black condemned Bamiloy’s call, saying one is criticised for not following a specific people’s ideology.

Sharing Bamiloye’s post on his handle, the actor wrote ” Sir! life is not black and white. Many shades of grey. I can bet there is no good thing you have done for your current choir members that can beat what Davido has done for Lati.”