Alexx Ekubo, Homosexuality, Homosexual, Actor
Alexx Ekubo. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian music manager, Ubi Franklin and Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo engaged in a rant session over an inspirational post, Concise News reports.

The session began when Ubi reacted to Obiwanne Okeke’s arrest, saying “Stop allowing motivational speaker drive you into a place of delusion and intense confusion. Not everyone will be an entrepreneur,”.

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Okeke, Forbes under 30 Nigerian was arrested by FBI on the count of engaging in fraudulent activities.

Responding to Ubi’s post, while also recalling his ‘inspirational’ posts, Ekubo said: “Na you gon gon be the pilot of the flight. Awon inspire to desire, to perspire,” said the actor.

Displeased with Ekubo’s response, Ubi said: “First, if you watch my page closely, there is no where on my page where j have ever quoted that entrepreneurship is easy…”

“When I am invited to speak at events ibsay this to everyone in the audience , we most struggle cos we are living other people’s dream-life.”

“I am focused on my business, good or bad we muscle it dauly. Dear Alec Ekubi next time read properlt before you comment. I meant not everyone will be an entrepreneur if you don’t understand my message, please pass.”