Ashley Cole/

Former Chelsea and Arsenal left-back Ashley Cole has announced his retirement from football, Concise News reports.

Cole, who made this known during an interview with Sky Sport on Sunday, also disclosed that he had already started preparations to become a coach.

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The 38-year-old said: “After hard thinking and consideration, it’s time to hang my boots up and look towards my next chapter, which will hopefully be coaching. I’m doing a course at the moment, now I want to be great at being a coach.

“It’s been incredible. As a young kid, I never expected to play one game or to be a professional so to look back now and be able to say I’ve played in World Cups, Champions League finals, been lucky enough to lift Premier League titles is a young kid’s dream.

“I’ve fulfilled my dream and now I look to the future, hopefully, to be a great coach.

“I’m most proud of my England caps. I didn’t grasp it as much as I probably should, I look back now and I’m like ‘I’ve played for my country’ but not just once, I’ve played over 100 times.

“It’s just a little bit disappointing I didn’t get to a final or even a semi-final.”

Cole made 697 club appearances, winning 13 major trophies including three Premier Leagues and the Champions League.