Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu has admonished men to appreciate and treat women right because good ones are hard to come by.

Concise News reports that Elendu, in a post on her Instagram handle noted that all some women demand from men is loyalty, not material things.

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She wrote: “Good women are scarce. When you get one, don’t mess with her or go out thinking you will find someone better. You Just may not be that lucky, Appreciate your woman.”

“Not all women are materialistic, most of them just want a man who is loyal, caring , loving and understanding. Any other thing is a plus if you’re privileged to have it.”

“A lot of women make huge sacrifices just to protect their marriages or relationships, the tears, the battles both emotional, physical, spiritual battles they fight, the pain, financial input , betrayal and the disappointments”

“Yet, they dont give up easily… Till it dawns on them that they’ve actually been in a relationship with themselves. it hurts, and at the end of the day when it packs up, they blame it on the woman. Karma is a bitch and she’s a woman so she favours women. BE WARNED”

Elendu did not end there as she also advised women to stay focused and not be clouded by deceits.

She said: “all the women out there working hard to save their marriages and relationships, praying and wetting their pillows nightly , God is not asleep.”

“Don’t be in a hurry to come out of your marriage, it’s lonely out there and full of deceit, but if its a threat to your life, Run run run for your dear life, Cos with your life you can start a home, but in a casket your home is your END”.