Chairman of NSIWC, Chief Richard Egbule (Image Courtesy: Daily Trust)

More than N400 billion has been saved by the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission (NSIWC).

Chairman of the agency, Chief Richard Egbule, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, said it stopped Duty Tour Allowance fraud and other illegal allowances in public institutions to save that huge.

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According to him, many government agencies were in the habit of giving their workers allowances without getting appropriate approval and even taking those ones they were not entitled to.

“Some board chairmen are in the habit of pushing the chief executives to pay what is not appropriate or authorised by the government,” he said.

“In some of these agencies, you will find people taking salaries as well as allowances that they are not supposed to take, or taking the rate of allowances that they are not supposed to take.

“We have seen cases where they abuse the periodicity of payments. For instance, if somebody is supposed to get furniture allowance once every four years, they will instead pay the same amount every year.

“In fact, the most abused payments relate to DTA. The highest per night, which is meant for a minister, is N35, 000 but in some agencies, that is not even what they pay a level 8 officer.

“On their own, they will extend it even as high as N150, 000 per night.

“Also, you won’t believe that staff schools which are the concern of universities and tertiary institutions have also been abused.

“These universities establish primary and secondary schools, collect school fees from pupils, but place their teachers as staff of the universities that the government pays.

“In fact, in many of them, teachers collect salaries as much as a professor. So all these things we discovered and put a stop to it.”