Deputy commissioner of police, Abba Kyari at the scene of the killing (Photo: Abba Kyari/Facebook)
Deputy commissioner of police, Abba Kyari at the scene of the killing (Photo: Abba Kyari/Facebook)

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety), a civil society organisation, has condemned the recent killing of three gallant policemen on duty to capture a kidnap kingpin in Taraba, Concise News reports.

The Chairman of Board of Intersociety, Emeka Umeagbalasi, lamented the incident in a statement issued last Friday in Enugu.

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Umeagbalasi noted that the group had resolved to continuously advocate for the betterment of the society and its social forces including the military and the police; and insistence that ‘the right things must be done and at the right time’.

“We deeply and sincerely condole the authorities of the Nigeria Police over the loss of three gallant personnel and a civilian in the hands of soldiers.

“We also sympathise with others that were injured.

“It has been our firm position that security forces and policing agencies must go for man-mental-machine (electronic) intelligence and securitisation approaches (or test) in matters of public security and policing in the country.

“A knowledge and acculturation of same will drastically reduce human rights abuses which have now risen to industrial scale in the country,’’ he said.

The chairman noted that “it is exceptionally commendable that the said kidnap kingpin was professionally arrested alive and unhurt before the murderous soldiers messed up the successful operation.

“This was possible for the slain gallant policemen because of the use of professional intelligence and crime scene compatible personnel.’’

He noted that the group disagreed with joint Army-Police Investigation Board, adding that by creation and law, “the Army is totally subject to the civil authority and its policing; exclusively managed by the Nigeria Police.’’

According to him, under civil authority arrangement in a democratic setting, the Army must civilianise or democratise its policies and conducts or be permanently cocooned to the Barracks.

“The Army must fish out the killer-soldiers involved, and have them court-marshalled and dismissed; after or before which they shall be handed over to the authorities of the police for substantive prosecution in a democratic court.

“The Army authorities including the COAS, GOC, Brigade and Cantonment commanders’ in-charge of the area must be summoned by the Police High Command investigating the matter and they must cooperate fully throughout the investigations.’