Hong Kong Protest: Police Responds With Firing Of Teargas
File image of protesters in Hong Kong (image courtesy: Getty)

Another protest has been planned to take place at Hong Kong’s international airport on Monday after policemen fired teargas into an underground station to disperse demonstrators.

Concise News learned that what started as peaceful marches across Hong Kong island and the Kowloon peninsula escalated into two days of clashes between protesters and riot policemen.

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Billy Li, a co-convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group, told dpa that video footage of the tear gas showed “disproportionate use of force” as they were not under threat from protesters.

Reports say that police used batons and violent force to detain protesters although it was unclear how the conflict began.

One protester was seriously injured when a beanbag round, a non-lethal bullet used by police, hit her in the eye.

According to police, protesters responded by throwing bricks and a petrol bomb.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority said 40 people were injured over the weekend.