What Nigeria Must Do To Develop – TB Joshua (Photo: Emmanuel TV)

Leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B. Joshua has said that for Nigeria to develop, the country need to exchange oil for technology.

Concise News reports that TB Joshua made this disclosure in an interview with The Maravi Post recently.

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“One of the key issues why we are having problems, especially in Africa, is that there is no way Africa can develop without taking this pattern I am going to talk about now.

“In developed countries, they exchange their mineral resources with another one – but in our case, we exchange our mineral resources with money.

“Look at our oil; the Western countries come to take our oil and give us pounds and dollars.

“For Nigeria to develop, they should exchange oil for technology.

“Go to Russia, whatever mineral resources they have there, they exchange with American technology and whatever America needs from them, they exchange it with technology; the same thing happens in other developed countries all over the world – but our own is money.

“The gift of God to us, our inheritance, to develop people’s skills, we keep exchanging for dollars and pounds.

“And when we collect the money, we will not keep it in our banks here. We will still carry it back to the banks of the people that gave us the money, and they will say they are keeping it for us. They will say they are keeping it in foreign reserve, and that actually has kept us in the level we are today. So tell me how we can develop?

“From the beginning of this Niger-Delta crisis, if these boys had seen that their oil is being exchanged for technology instead of money, I tell you, there will be employment, light, improved telephone service, and good quality education – do you think they will fight?

“Look at our universities today. People go overseas to study. Well, it’s not too late because we have mineral resources and they should exchange it for technologies and other things we don’t have, not money.

“Don’t give us fish; teach us how to fish.”

On the worldwide economic meltdown, the cleric says ‘what is happening is a normal thing’.

“I think what is happening concerning the economy is a normal thing, because where the voices are not one, you expect things like this to happen.

“God is only very merciful – by now, we are supposed to be crying.

“Nigeria is not counted out of this. If you mismanage your product, you’ll get a shortage – that’s exactly what is happening.”