‘I Don’t Operate Any Bank Account’, TB Joshua Declares (Photo: Emmanuel TV)

The Leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B. Joshua says he appears simple because he is “in the midst of people” and knows their plight.

Concise News reports that TB Joshua in an interview with The Maravi Post recently, explains that if one mingles with the common people, it would be observed that life in this part of the world is not rosy.

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“It’s because I am in the midst of people (that is why I appear simple).

“If you go out there, you will pity the people.

“People are there at the bus stops waiting for vehicles and they can stand there for hours.

“Sometimes I ask myself where these people work. What kind of job will you go to at any time you feel – that means a lot of them keep changing jobs.

“So how can their lives be stable – and success demands a stable character.

“When your character and attitude is not stable, you are far from success.

“You say ‘it’s good’ today, tomorrow you say ‘it’s not good’, you are far from success.

“God’s Word is constant; He is still the same yesterday, today and forever.

“What you need to do is to seek the things from above so that you may be comforted in the face of whatever situation you are in.

“Just like I said earlier – Jesus has risen.

“Therefore, let your mind rise and seek the things that are above so that we may be comforted in the face of our situation.”

On what he wants to be remembered for, the influential cleric says:

“The Apostles paid the supreme price to bring the Gospel.

“Some were stoned, some were crucified upside down – so if you must be one of the disciples of Jesus, you must be ready to follow Jesus, bearing His cross, bearing His reproach.

“You must know the fellowship of His suffering.”