The aftermath of the Thursday night fashion show was a relaxed atmosphere, as housemates Seyi and Tacha had the chance to settle their old time differences.

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Concise News understands that the duo spent time airing their grievances as Seyi explained why he did not choose Tacha to enjoy the head of house benefits with him.

Recall that Seyi became this week’s head of house, after a difficult task session on Monday and had selected Esther to share the ‘head of house’ privileges with him.

Telling Tacha why he did not pick her to enjoy the privileges with him, he said “I picked Esther and agreed to share HOH room because I just wanted to be sure you wanted to share the room with me.”

“But your facial expression did not give an approval sign, you even bent your head down, I was waiting for you to give me a sign from your face but you looked away,” he said.

“Tacha, you’re the kind of person that knows what she wants, you’re strong, so I just want to be sure you wanted to share HOH room with me. I was seeking your approval through a facial sign but you gave me none.”

Recall that Seyi was seen fondling Tacha’s waist as they hugged warmly at the luxury Head of House (HOH) room on Wednesday.

The secret room they both shared after their fake eviction and a consecutive matching in a similar group for weekly tasks appeared to be something beyond incident as their feelings and emotions grow.