Mamman Abubakar Dan Musa/NAN/Concise

Former Deputy Senate President Mamman Abubakar Dan Musa has called on President Muhammad Buhari to urgently rescue Katsina state from the grip of bandits.

Concise News understands that Mamman, who made the call while addressing reporters in his house on Wednesday, said the security situation, particularly in three local Government areas in the state – Batsari, Safana, and Danmusa – has seriously degenerated into everyday attacks.

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He said that the security agencies in the state have failed to curtail the challenges, Therefore he wants the FG to take up the case in order to find a lasting solution to the constant attack.

He said: “Buhari knows Mamman very well and he knows I don’t talk nonsense, and that I am a fighter of justice and human rights. In 1960, I led a demonstration while as a student of Katsina teachers college against injustice and inhumanity and now that the security in the state has deteriorated, we cannot continue to keep quiet.

“You the press should tell the truth. Recall that the Northern Governors on the first of this month granted amnesty to the bandits with conditions, it was not a blanket amnesty, but it was targeted at the bandits who carry arms. A few days later, they are yet to comply and the situation has escalated.

“It appeared that the amnesty has even become a license for them to intensify criminal attacks against hapless citizens, especially farmers.”

He warned that as the rainy season sets in, the situation is becoming precarious and that famine may set in.