Ruth Kadiri (source: Instagram)
Ruth Kadiri (source: Instagram)

Actress and screenwriter Ruth Kadiri has aired her opinion on how Christians worship prosperity and success rather than Jesus.

Kadiri in a post on her Instagram handle said Africans only attend churches with the aim of getting good fortunes such as jobs and money without focusing on worshiping Jesus. Concise News understands

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She said “Africans don’t worship Jesus.. they worship success and prosperity. they go to church in hopes of getting good money, jobs , money and good life.”

The screen goddess went further to say “Africans don’t worship whites also but rather, what the white skin is associated with… success, power and prosperity. this must be understood.”

Kadiri ventured into Nollywood in the movie Boys Cot and has over fifty movies to her credit.

As a screenwriter she has written and co-written several movies, some of which include: Matters Arising, Heart of a Fighter, Ladies Men, Sincerity.