EPL: Liverpool Coach Predicts Teams That Could Win Crown
Klopp explains why Liverpool could not win at West Ham. PHOTO CREDIT: Evening Standard

Six teams will challenge for the Premier League crown this campaign, according to Liverpool gaffer Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool were runners up in the league last season, just one point behind Manchester City.

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They would begin the league on Friday with a home tie against Norwich City.

Speaking on expectations ahead of season, Klopp expresse optimism that the Reds will go a step better this coming campaign.

He noted that from the transfer market activities thus far, Everton and will be strong contenders for the EPL crown.

“I’d say there are at least six teams in contention,” he told Sky Sports.

“Everton, for example, have tried to stay very ambitious. They have done a lot and I think there are still maybe a couple of players to come in.

“They had a good team last year and they have improved, with very interesting signings.”

According to him, “I don’t know where people get the idea that Arsenal will not challenge, that Chelsea will not challenge with Frank [Lampard] bringing complete excitement to the club.

“Okay, they cannot really be busy in the transfer window, but after years when all the young boys were on loan, now they finally bring them back and get the benefit of that.

“It’s like it’s made for a transfer ban. Now [Tammy] Abraham and all these other guys come back and it’s a fantastic team.”

He added: “We had to improve last season and we did. That was very important, staying patient in stressful moments, staying convinced about what we are doing and all that stuff.

“There are a lot of things we can still improve, but first and foremost, we need to reach that level again.

“That’s not guaranteed. You can’t just switch on and say you will do it.”