Iran Give US Condition For Resumption Of Talks
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani gestures as he speaks during a ceremony marking National Day of Space Technology in Tehran, Iran February 1, 2017. via REUTERS

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has in a live TV address warned that war with Iran would be the “mother of all wars,” saying the US must lift all sanctions if it wants to negotiate with Tehran.

Rouhani demanded an end to US sanctions, declaring it was necessary for talks to continue.

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In a speech broadcast on state TV Tuesday, Rouhani said that Tehran favored “talks and negotiations,” but that “the US should lift all sanctions first.”

The Iranian government was ready to talk regardless of the US stance on a nuclear deal, Rouhani added. “Whether they want to come into the JCPOA or not, it’s up to them,” he said.

The US left the landmark deal in 2018, which had set limits on Iranian nuclear developments in exchange for an end to economic sanctions on Iran. The US also began to reimpose sanctions on Iran.

The Iranian foreign ministry had confirmed Monday that officials would not be attending a meeting with Donald Trump at the White House. Tensions have remained high between the US and the gulf state, after Iran captured another foreign vessel on Monday.