Pregnant-Woman-news-Benue: 12-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Dumped In Makurdi
William Nicholaus Lyimo/Instagram

A 12-year-old girl identified as Masenengen Targba has been dumped at the Makurdi General Hospital, the Benue State capital, Concise News reports.

It was gathered that the young girl who is pregnant after being raped, was dumped at the hospital by an unknown person.

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“This little girl is in severe labour pains and from the look of things she can not make it by herself C/S is required her,” a source told Idoma Voice.

It added that the girl is an orphan and “told us that her both parents are late, the guy that raped her is no were to be found, she is now helpless and hungry in the hospital asking for help.

“Anyone that is touched by God should come with a little help nothing is too small even small food can help her this night she needs your help. She is in the maternity ward thanks and God bless you as you come.”