Abusive Relationship: Popular Nigerian Pastor Wades Into Matter
Representing the news story (Photo source: Pin interest)

The founder of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) Apostle Johnson Suleman has reiterated that it is wrong to be in an abusive relationship.

Concise News learned that Apostle Suleman had earlier warned that domestic violence in relationships is bad.

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He also urged those in such relationships to back out irrespective of how much they love the person.

The clergyman is still not relenting in ensuring that relationships are devoid of abuse.

In a recent series of tweets on his timeline, the fiery-preaching “Man of God” also warned his followers never to who disagree with his stance to avoid insulting others.

He warned that he would block those who abuse others on his timeline over their stance on the issue.

“I repeat,it’s wrong to be in an abusive relationship..if you feel abuse is not comdembable, then good for you…dont come insulting anyone on my TL… I have said it that I maintain a sane handle…we will escort you out of here with a loving/generous BLOCK…” he noted.

“I know it’s not easy to leave certain emotional ambience even when you are seriously (link: http://abused.my) abused. My take is that you deserve better. God’s grace will help…and you can be very happy again…there is no one you can’t leave,you once lived without them.”

According to him, “People have lost their lives,esteem,dignity to (link: http://abuse.you) abuse. You don’t have to remain there…you need to be alive to serve God. A CORPSE CANT BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN. Some folks don’t deserve to be in a relationship,they should be by themselves…”