‘Jesus’ and a Kenyan pastor/Twitter

The man who dressed as Jesus at a crusade in Kenya says he never claimed to be Jesus Christ as being bandied about.

Concise News reports that photos of the man – a US preacher and actor called Michael Job – dressed as Jesus went viral last week when it was claimed that “a pastor from South Africa invited Jesus Christ from heaven to preach in his church”.

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Job was in Kenya to attend an interdenominational Christian event as a guest speaker where he preached at the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (Pefa) church in Kitengela town.

According to Malawi24, Job wrote on his Facebook page that many of the reports on the cyber space about him lately are false.

“I dressed up as Jesus during these crusades, my awesome friends and I performed many plays focusing on the life of Christ.

“Some people, known as “internet trolls,” have made false reports about me claiming to be Jesus, Jesus’ second coming starting in Kenya, me being found and worshipped in churches, and me being deported with pastors from the country, all of which are fake news.

“I have gotten many messages and just wanted to let you know I am still here in Kenya, preaching in schools, hundreds of children are making decisions for Jesus every day.

“This morning many students surrendered their lives to Jesus, and we are going to the next school right now,” he wrote.