Omo-Agege Promises To Appoint Aides From Six Geo-Political Zones
Ovie Omo-Agege /Twitter

Deputy Senate President Ovie Omo-Agege has called for the removal of fuel subsidy, stressing that there is no need spending billions of naira on it.

Concise News understands that speaking during ministerial screening on the floor of the Senate on Monday, Omo-Agege explained that Nigeria only needed to address the lingering issue of inadequate refined oil to match local consumption.

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He said: “I have always taken the position that there is no need for us to continue with this subsidy; all we need to do is to fix the refineries.

“But, today, I have seen many people in the NNPC and elsewhere moving otherwise because they believe we ought to continue with this subsidy regime.

“I am from the Niger Delta and there are a lot of us who believe that most of the oil companies doing business in that neighborhood ought to have their offices and their headquarters in that same neighborhood so as to provide employment opportunities.

“There is an issue that is raging right now in the Niger Delta and it has to do with the Nigerian Gas Company in Ekpan-Warri; they are also threatening to move their headquarters from Warri in Delta state to elsewhere.

“I am seeking a commitment today as the representative of the people of Delta Central that no ministerial nominee today will eventually superintend over the movement of Nigerian Gas Company elsewhere.

“I also seek a commitment that those companies that are doing business in the Niger Delta but have their headquarters elsewhere should come back to the Niger Delta area to provide jobs for our teeming youths.”