Apostle Suleman Releases Prophecy, Declarations For Second Half Of 2019
Apostle Johnson Suleman. Photo credit: Facebook

The founder of the Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman has said the Cable News Network (CNN) dwells on propaganda.

Concise News that Apostle Suleman made the claim on Monday where he noted that the CNN does not publish news.

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In his prophetic declaration for the week, the clergyman told his followers that not watching the news network is one of the things they should do for the week.

He tweeted: “10things..1-pray when you wake up(before touchin d phone)..2-confess positive words into your day before you step out(you will see results).3-take aloy of water.(water therapy)..4-avoid watching CNN(it’s propaganda not news).5-deliberately make someone happy.”