Nelson & Esther

Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate Esther broke down in tears after Nelson, who appeared to be her better-half, was evicted from the ‘pepper dem’ edition last Sunday.

Concise News earlier reported that Esther and Nelson recently took the viewers by surprise with their sudden love interest, after they promised to open up to each other on matters requiring sincerity.

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She had assured him of having zero interest in Frodd, the housemate who appears to be a third party in the relationship, nursing and expressing his feeling for her.

However, nobody knows if they will continue their love affair at the end of the reality TV show or if Esther would end up with Frodd.

Recall Frodd had said that Esther’s eviction from the show would make him focus because he had started by letting Esther know that she was the only one in the house that could control him.