Fact Check: Is The Name Of Senate President Ahmed Or Ahmad?
Lawan was elected as Senate President on 11 June

The 9th Senate resumed duties last month with principal officers elected by members of the upper lawmaking body.

Two of the major presiding officers elected by the All Progressives Congress-dominated house were the Senate President and Deputy Senate President.

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But there appears to be an unsettled business for one of the presiding officers elected by members of the Senate.

That person is the Senate President from Yobe State, with many spelling his name as Ahmed Lawan and others as Ahmad Lawan.

Even revered news agencies/outlets and websites have constantly addressed him as Ahmed.

Concise News checked Wikipedia and found out that the site posted the Senate President’s name as Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan

This appears to be the most used version of the name but is that the right one?

A quick check by this news medium on the National Assembly website shows the Senate President’s name as Ahmad not Ahmed Lawan.

Also, on his Twitter handle and other social media platforms, the Yobe-born leader of the lawmakers spelt his name as Ahmad