CNN Reporter Slams Hard On Kemi Olunloyo
Kemi Olunloyo

The Supervising Producer of Cable News Network (CNN), Africa, Stephanie Busari, has challenged controversial blogger Kemi Olunloyo for claiming to have worked with the network.

Olunloyo, who had made the claim on Twitter, regarded those who are ignorant of the claim as “fools.”

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She claimed to have a 20-year history with the US-based cable network, berating some of her followers for doubting her credentials.

“Some of these fools following me have no idea I spent 20 years @cnn in 5 different capacities. They don’t even know that the CNN they watch here is not exact same as CNN USA,” she tweeted.

But Busari responded by asking her to provide evidence of working with the media company.

“I have not seen any evidence of this work for CNN beyond a few rambling interviews for some of the shows in 2009. Please enlighten me @HNNAfrica on your 20-year history with CNN,” she responded.

Olunloyo responds.

“Steph ignorance does not excuse stupidity. I started @cnn as a contributor in 1994 way before your time. Research: “a few rambling interviews for some shows in 2009″ is why some @realDonalTrump has downgraded the network to #fakenews. Typical Nigerian ignorance,” she said.

Reinstating her stance, the CNN reporter clarified the differences between being on an interview and being a staff.

She added that if the claims of Olunloyo were true, there would be a record of it.

She said, “You said in your previous tweet that you spent 20 years at CNN in five different capacities. What were they and when? Interviews with anchor doesn’t = working at CNN.

“It may be before my time but a 20-year history should yield more than 3 Google results all on the same topic.”