Ned Nwoko's Son Tells When He Will Stop Fighting Regina Daniels
Emzy, Ned Nwoko & Regina Daniels (L-R)

Emzy, a stepson of Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, has promised to fight with her until she packs out of his father’s house.

Emzy is a son of 59-year-old billionaire business mogul, Ned Nwoko, who has always expressed his dissatisfaction about his father’s last choice of wife.

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The actresses stepson has initially decried his unhappiness about how she goes clubbing with the ex-politician, saying he is of age and needs rest.

Concise News had also reported how they exchanged messages of threat between themselves, a drama which he shared on his Instagram page.

Information also has it that, Emzy, a few weeks ago called the screen diva a gold digger who wants to reap at where she did not sow.

However, in his recent post, he said he will never look unconcern as long as there is breath in his nostrils.

According to him, other kids might not have been able to do anything, adding that they are yet to be of age and he has to fight for them.

Stressing how much responsibility he has as a first child, he added that the wealth was the sweat of his mother whom he has promised to fight tirelessly for.

He wrote, “Other Of My Fathers Kid Can Be Going To Her, Because They Are Still Kids And They Don’t Know What’s up Yet. For Real, They Really Need To Be Very Careful, Especially My Lil Step Brother.

“Though They Don’t Know What Am Fighting For. This Fight Is For Their Own Good And Safety. All I Want Right Now Is For Them To Focus On Their Studies So That We All Can Make Dad And Our Various Mother’s Proud.

I Pray For My Dad And The Kids Because They May Not Know What’s Going On. I Pray God Opens Their Eyes To See What Is Happening.

“I Will Never Stop Praying For Them, She And Her House Hold Wanna Take Over. They Wanna Reap Where They Didn’t Sow, They Failed On This One, And As Long As Am Still Alive, Their Plans Won’t Work This Time,

“The Truth Is That I Don’t Fight For What’s Not Mine. Maybe Dad Didn’t Tell Her That All These Wealth, Cars And Houses They Are Flaunting Online, Is Another Woman’s Sweat. The Battle Is For Mum, I Promised Her This When I Was Still A Kid, And Now It’s Coming Through.

The Woman Behind The Billionaires Wealth. For You Calling Me Names, Or An Attention Seeker, You Won’t Know What’s Going On, But Just Pray Such Thing Never Happens In Your Family Because You Can Never Withstand It I Bet You.

“I Am The Family Head After My Dad, And I Gat Lots Of Responsibilities On My Neck, Everyone Is Looking Up To Me, All Eyes On Me. I Will Never Stop Till Things Goes RiGhT. THANks.