Yogesh Thakur (source: media drums images/newslions)
Yogesh Thakur (source: media drums images/newslions)

Doctors in India have evacuated 33 objects, including razors and knives, from the stomach of a 30-year-old Indian man, Yogesh Thakur.

Dailymail reports that Thankur had complained of severe stomach ache, after which he was admitted in hospital on July 14.

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His mother, Kusma Thakur, said her son would ”grab anything and eat it”

Kusma was however astonished when objects such as a knife, screwdriver, razor blades and plastic items were found inside Thakur’s stomach when x-ray was conducted.

According to the doctors, it’s likely he suffers with acuphagia, a disorder in which people eat sharp or metal objects and other items they can’t digest.

Two days after, the objects were extracted during a surgery.

The doctor who performed the surgery, MNS Khare, said: ‘It was a rather difficult surgery as he suffered from hypertension [high blood pressure].

‘We were shocked and surprised to find over thirty sharp objects inside his abdomen.’

Dr Khare said Mr Thakur is currently recovering and will be discharged within the next five days.