Ethiopians Die In Deadly Shootout
Ethiopian police trying to stop protesters/

A shootout in Ethiopia’s Amhara regional state located in the northern part of the country has left three people dead, an Ethiopian official said on Monday.

Walelign Dagnew, Chief Police Inspector of Bahir Dar city Police Department in Amhara Regional State, said that the shootout happened on Sunday afternoon when security forces were trying to arrest a murder suspect, reported state media outlet Ethiopia News Agency (ENA).

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Dagnew said two of the dead were of security forces while the third deceased was a relative of the suspect.

Police are currently on a manhunt for the suspect who escaped shortly after the shootout.

Bahir Dar city was the center of a failed coup attempt in June 22 that left dozens of people dead including the President of Amhara regional state, Ambachew Mekonen.