Jide Kosoko Reveals Reasons Actors Are 'Sexually Harassed' Within Industry

Nigeria veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, disclosed that female artists who are allegedly harassed sexually were because they want to become famous without passing through the normal procedure.

Concise News understands that Kosoko in a chat with Sunday Scoop said he didn’t agree with the notion that actors who are posed with health challenges were as a result of their social vices.

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The Nollywood actor said: “It isn’t totally correct that actors have health issues because of the vices they indulge in. As much as I agree that there are some of our colleagues who smoke and drink, it is only a percentage in the industry. Not everybody does that.

”Just like in every field, there are people who do these things. Even some doctors drink and smoke; our industry is not an exception. I wouldn’t say that is the reason artistes are having health issues.

”Artistes have issues because they are human beings and Nigerians too. But it becomes public knowledge because they are popular.”

According to him, we wake each day, ”several hundreds of people have died, and many have just been diagnosed with one sickness or the other.”

On the development of sexual harassment among artists in the industry, he taunted, saying, that it is a normal situation in any industry. You tend to see people trying to fight their way up by hook or crook. He disclosed that he hasn’t really noticed sexual harassment in the industry.

”Yes, I have seen artistes dating one another; but harassment is another issue. I always tell the young girls in the industry that if you gatecrash, they will harass you.

”If you want to lobby yourself and sell your body to become famous without passing through the normal training, things like that will happen to you.

”If you are a trained actor (male or female), nobody can harass you because you would know your rights, and have some good qualities. Good producers and directors would rather go for talented individuals that can interpret roles properly. It is only ‘mad’ and unprofessional directors that would do otherwise.”

Speaking about his family involvement in the industry, he stated that influence comes in various dimensions, added that when his children were growing up, they saw him acting, and they are bound to love their father and what he does.

”They grew up seeing me act, and along the line, they showed interest. It is like a movie family. One way or the other, when they were kids, I must have used them to do one or two things for me. My children are well trained.

”I have a very standard group and they participated in our programmes and rehearsals, even when they were not acting yet. In a way, you could also call that influence.

”However, one of them in particular (Sola Kosoko) didn’t really show interest in acting but I saw the potential in her and I persuaded her to develop. She tried it and today, she loves it,” the veteran said.