Kudirat Ogunro (source: Instagram)
Kudirat Ogunro (source: Instagram)

Nollywood actress Kudirat Ogunro has revealed that her future husband must have an extramarital affair.

Stating that she is not a jealous lover, Ogunro said men are polygamous by nature; so she wouldn’t want to delude herself believing that her future husband will not keep a sidechick somewhere.

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She said, “when I get married, my husband has to have a girlfriend. That’s how my home can be settled and peaceful instead of him telling me ‘it’s only you baby’. No, I don’t believe in those words.”

Asked if she would love to marry a man from the movie industry, the young actress said: “I don’t really like my husband to come from the same move industry. It means we will be seeing each other regularly. For me, I just can’t do it.”

She further described her kind of man, saying, “Every woman’s dream is for her man to be rich, but mine must also be handsome, dark, hardworking, humble and God fearing.”

Ogunro, who is currently studying at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), came into acting in 2007 after having the privilege to meet actress Iyabo Ojo.