Why Mr P Doubles Up Hustle
Peter Okoye. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye of the former Psquare duo, has made it known that he does not joke with his family and two children.

He said this after he uploaded his wife, Lola with his two kids, saying “I don’t joke with dis 3… They are the only reason I double my hustle and they are simply amazing

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“I just can’t imagine life without them”.

Recall that the singer who had a fight with his brother, Paul and his family, in an interview revealed the reason he took sides with his wife instead of family.

“It comes to a point in your life when you say…’ this is it.’

“I want to be from this to that and from that to this. [All the things that are happening now] I had always wanted to do them.

“I wish I had done them years back. As it is if anyone is feeling bad because I decided to choose my wife and kids over my brothers… I chose them and I rather be with them.

“They’re my family and I can’t betray them and I don’t hide it. If any feels bad because I chose my family over my brothers and decides not to listen to my songs or follow, then they should go ahead.”