Veteran actor, Saheed Balogun, has shared his candid opinion on how to curb sharp practices and corrupt practices in the country.

Concise news reports that Balogun in an interview said the key to putting an end to corruption is to embrace culture.

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According to him, the nation’s cultures helps to shape moral values, by imbibing positive characters such as integrity, honesty, respect and empathy for other.

The actor said: “Our culture is very important for our development as a people and a nation; in fact we need it more at this time of social, economic and political tensions.

“Extreme corruption happens because we have forgotten who we are as a people and allowed it infiltrate into our system as a social vice.

“However, if we are culturally inclined, we will not be corrupt because our culture will serve as a deterrent to evil and covetous thoughts.

Recalling the pre-colonial days, he narrated how Nigerian traders displayed their goods in the markets without having to be physically present to monitor them.

‘‘Those were the good old days when our culture was at the forefront. People could go to bed without closing the doors to their houses but it is not so nowadays.

‘‘The neglect of our norms and values as a people has led to moral decadence which has bred lots of social vices in the country.

He stated that the only way out of this the menace which seems to be threatening the peace and unity of the country is to embrace cultural beliefs again.

Balogun further said it was pertinent for artistes to go on cultural festivities abroad so that they could properly educate Nigerians in the Diaspora on how to do things in a proper way.