Nicki Minaj

US rapper Nicki Minaj has given a shout-out to a Nigerian family who participated in her Megatron Challenge.

Concise news reports that the female rapper gave Instagram coverage to the Yoruba family for attempting her Megatron Challenge which comes with a $10,000 reward.

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The challenge gives a chance for fans and followers to win money for either dancing or rapping to the “Megatron” instrumental.

Earlier, the rapper disclosed that Megatron is the first solo song by a female rapper to first on US iTunes since Chun-Li.

The Nigerian family, however, were creative enough to do the challenge in Yoruba.

Sharing the video Minaj wrote;“OH OK!!!! #Naija BETTA STAND UP!!!! Nigeria ?? MICKI MINAJ LETS GO?????????? #megatronchallengesomebody bout to win 10K”

Meanwhile, the Tobago-born pop recently revealed that none but a female rapper ever did a song with her or congratulated her on her billboards accomplishments.

See the video and reactions below: