Coza: CAN Reveals What Will Happen After Rape Investigation Is Concluded
Biodun Fatoyinbo

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said hidden issues on the rape allegation against the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo will be revealed by its investigating team.

Busola Dakolo, the wife of singer, Timi Dakolo, had claimed Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo  raped her as a teenager.

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Concise News learned that CAN Acting General Secretary, Joseph Daramola, pledged that the investigating team will carry out its work without bias or favouritism.

Daramola, who spoke on Wednesday in Abuja while giving an update on the rape saga.

“We do not want to limit the investigation because it is very wide. We all know that there is something hidden in this issue,” he told The Nation.

“Without sentiment, nobody is condoning any criminal act.”

He added: “I am a lawyer and before you can prove an offence of rape successfully, you have to consider so many things. You have to prove beyond every reasonable doubt before you can establish any rape case.

Daramola further said: “One cannot easily have his way into a woman, it is not possible and here we are talking about rape. If you look at the entire story, one has to do a proper investigation.

“For example, if the court wants to look into it a lot of things will be considered. Church elders will interrogate Fatoyinbo without fear or favour. There is no pastor that people don’t tempt.

“We have gotten to a place where our thinking faculty has to be sharpened. And we have to reason like human beings. The investigation will be concluded soon but it has to be properly conducted.”

Bishop Peter Ogunmuyiwa, the coordination Chaplain of the Ecumenical Centre, Abuja, who is also the Bishop African Church, Diocese of Abuja, said the church must carry out a proper investigation into the accusation.

Ogunmuyiwa said: “We are on the same page on this matter. The truth is that the ministry of Jesus Christ is to save and not to destroy. And if our ministry is to save when even there is a member who has done wrong, the first thing that is to come into our mind is how do we face the situation?

“Then after which you now deal with it in accordance with the scripture. And generally, the ministry of Christ is to redeem mankind.

“So this case calls for prayers and caution. Even if it is the truth and it has not been established as truth, so the entire story is to be investigated. The church has to be very careful because we are not supposed to be judgmental.

He noted that “if eventually anyone of them is found wanting at the end of the investigation then we will look at the scripture. As it is now we see both the accuser and the accused innocent until any one of them is found wanting.

“The lady also may be found guilty. As much as we frown at sin, we should not easily condemn people when it is not legally proved. That is the position of CAN and the church.”