After a thorough workout session and rehearsal ahead of Thursday’s task, Biggie has given instruction on the new direction for the much-awaited play.

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Tonight’s task is expected to be a drama which housemates have been rehearsing.

Concise News gathered that the housemates were asked to move to the lounge where Head of House Nelson read out Biggie’s instruction

“In order for you not to waste Big Brother’s time, Big Brother has decided to help you simplify the task,” Nelson read.

BBnaija housemates (source: Twitter BigBrotherNaija}
BBnaija housemates’rehearsal (source: Twitter BigBrotherNaija}

Though the housemates have infused much efforts in planning the drama, they have to start all over as they have to act according to Biggie’s exemplified version.

The few spices that have just been added to the play are: “It must be a comedy, It must have elements of romance, They must impersonate animals as represented with their costumes and it must have some music.”

With Biggie’s plan in hand, the housemates now have a clear picture of the direction of the play, at first, there was an argument about which version of the play to go with.

Housemates play rehearsal (source: Twitter @BigBrotherNaija)
Housemates play rehearsal (source: Twitter @BigBrotherNaija)

This, too, was quickly resolved when they decided to vote whether they should go with the first or the second one. In the end, they settled for the second play, which to those who voted for it appeared funnier than the first.

The director of the play, Omashola got angry at Sir Dee for slowing down the pace of their rehearsal with his remarks and this led to an exchange of words between them.