Femi Falana

Senior lawyer and activist Femi Falana says the Senate ad hoc committee was wrong to have questioned embattled Senator representing Adamawa North Elisha Abbo.

Falana said Abbo should not have been questioned because the matter was already in court and questioning him now would amount to subjudice.

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He noted that Abbo had already been arraigned before a magistrate court, pleaded not guilty and granted bail.

The senior advocate noted that the Senate rules clearly state that when a matter is before a court of law, the Senate cannot discuss such a matter.

The activist said, “We all watched the video showing the senator allegedly assaulting a lady but we all demanded justice and the police have already arraigned him. The matter is now before a court and Senator Abbo is a defendant.

“It is, therefore, wrong for the Senate to sit and investigate a matter publicly while the matter is ongoing in court. That is subjudice. The Senate rules are clear that when a matter is in court, the Senate does not dabble into it.”