Stella Damasus
Stella Damasus. Source: Instagram.

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has drawn lines between being a feminist and a bitter woman.

Stating that the difference between the two should be clear, she said it won’t be right for bitterness to thrive, thinking it is feminism.

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In her words, “There is a huge difference between being a FEMINIST and being a BITTER WOMAN. Don’t blur the lines, please. We can’t allow some who are angry, start to create a general impression of what we are trying to achieve.”

Meanwhile, the actress and her husband, Daniel Ademinokan last week revealed how they manage their marriage, living with their kids from different marriages.

The couple made the revelation in a YouTube video, while narrating the challenges they encounter in living with their kids produced from their previous marriages, which includes the stare at airports and people on social media.

According to her, things changed after her mother-in-law told her to stop treating him delicately if she indeed loves him as much as she loves her daughters.