NASS: Your Comments On Tv, Prints Touches My Personal Integrity, Says Gbajabiamila
Femi Gbajabiamila

The Speaker of the House Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila, has  lambasted a lawmaker from Benue state, Mark Gbilah over unpleasant statements made in the media against him and others.

Gbilah is representing Gwer-East/Wager-West federal constituency.

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Concise News learned that the Speaker tongue-lashed Gbilah over the motion on a matter of privileges brought by Pat Asadu, who pleaded the House to investigate an alleged infringement of his privilege and those of his colleagues from Enugu and Ebonyi states by the Benue-born legislator.

Speaking on the incident, Asadu moved the motion and referred a publication in Sun newspaper where Gbilah was quoted as accusing both the governors of Enugu and Ebonyi states of instructing members from their States to work against  PDP’s choice in the speakership election.

The legislator also quoted the member as saying that the PDP should discipline the two governors for working against the party.

Asadu said his privilege and those of Enugu and Ebonyi caucus were breached as he finds the assertions “unacceptable, provocative and offensive.”

Reacting to the publication, the deputy majority leader, Toby Okechukwu (PDP, Enugu) said that the comments cast lies on his credibility as a member elected to represent his people.

He further said it was “uncharitable” for a member of the House to bring in an extraneous person in matters of the parliament.

However, Gbajabiamila interrupted saying: “let me say that Hon mark Gbilah, of late you’ve been making several unsavoury comments both in prints and on TV, many of which touched me, my personal integrity.”

The House Speaker added: “You’ve made these comments without recourse to the rights of the people you talk about to protect their privacy.

”If you remember Hon. Mark Gbilah, not too long ago, there were very weighty allegations levelled against you, very weighty allegations! And all of us in this House, particularly me, rose in unison to defend you because those allegations were made without proof.

“But all of a sudden, you turn around and begin to make issues out of nothing all in the name of politics.

Gbajabiamila further said: “So Hon. Colleagues, I want us to let this lie in the spirit of reconciliation so that Hon Mark Gbilah would take stocks of what he’s said and how they affect the integrity of colleagues and the House in general.

“And that it also serves as a window of reflection on his part that everyone has the right to protect and that when violated by unguarded utterances could lead to consequences.

“So Hon Mark Gbilah, let this be the last time we will hear of things like these from you and any other member because if we do, we would be applying the rules as deemed necessary.”