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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has alleged that two governors of the South East are conniving to give lands to herdsmen.

Concise News reports that the banned pro-Biafra group raised the allegation on Monday in a statement.

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According to IPOB, “two PDP governors in the South-East have concluded arrangements to hand over our land in three senatorial zones to terror herdsmen as part of their clandestine RUGA implementation programme in the East.

“We have also discovered that one of the governors, along with some traditional rulers and president-general of some communities, also connived and handed over a land belonging to communities of his state to terrorists and their cattle.”

It added that “The said land has been in dispute for years between the two communities, but now the governor has forcefully taken these ancestral lands and handed them over to the same terror herdsmen responsible for hacking to death of dozens of indigenes in many parts of the state without any reprimand.

“The message South-East governors are sending out is that terrorists are welcomed to kill Biafrans at will and get rewarded with land for their settlement.

“Instead of apprehending and prosecuting these marauding murderers, the governor has instead, empowered them by giving them a Ruga settlement in his state, while publicly claiming he has not done so.”

IPOB said “This level of deception from South-East governors have placed the entire Biafraland in danger of wholesale herdsmen invasion.

“We, IPOB, cannot be dying and placing our lives in danger on a daily basis across Biafraland, fighting well-armed terrorists with our bare hands, only to have deceptive governors undermining our noble effort.

“Anybody related to these governors or other slaves in government houses in the East must warn them to desist from their suicidal undertaking to hand over our land to the Islamic caliphate.

“We are equally aware that other state governors and politicians in Biafraland are having series of secret meetings on how to allocate our sacred land of Biafra to terrorists for their Ruga settlement on the pretence of a renamed National Livestock Programme, NLP, of the deceptive federal government.

“We are calling on all relatives, stakeholders, supporters of South East governors and traditional rulers to warn these governors including those in other states, to desist from this evil act of ceding our ancestral lands to terrorists for Ruga settlement or National Livestock Programme in any part of Biafraland.

“We will not spare any person or persons implicated in the conspiracy to Islamise Biafraland through forced  settlements.”