Di'ja Speaks About Law On Arrest Of Suicide Attempts
Di’ja Networth: Google Source: Google

One of Mavin leading singer Di’Ja has requested that the laws mandating the arrest of people attempting suicide should reconsidered.

The singer, born Hadiza Blell, made this request in an Instagram post on Monday.

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The award-winning singer called on bodies in charge of the regulation to be amend the law.

According to her, its another worse situation to apprehend people she described to be in a “vulnerable state.”

“I agree on the notion that this law should be amended. I find it very confusing that we arrest people in vulnerable states of mental deterioration instead of working to help them re-adjust back into society,” she wrote.

“The over crowded jails pointed out by many of our colleagues as well as my visit to the female prison with @i_rabbi shows we have no regard for human rehabilitation.

“We literally just dump people and keep moving. Grateful to anyone that stands up for a cause bigger than themselves.”