herdsmen ruga

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has alleged that the Federal Government plans to reintroduce Ruga settlements for herdsmen.

Concise News understands that the Ruga scheme was suspended by the Federal Government following the controversies it generated.

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However, CAN in a statement on Sunday, cautioned people of Southern Nigeria to be vigilant as the government has not rested on the matter.

CAN Secretary in the 17 Southern States Joseph Ajujungwa issued the warning in a statement.

According to him, “we do not have land to give to anybody as a grazing field or colony and we call on the South East governors to maintain their stand that they do not have such a place. Do you know what it means to give 10 hectares of land to herdsmen? We say no to that.

“As CAN, we will preach it from our pulpit, every Imam should peach from the mosque and the traditionalists should stand against it; nobody should relent; no land should be given; any traditional ruler that does that should be dethroned.

“In the North, we have the largest hectares of land, very vast that nobody is occupying. Why are they not building the ranches, Ruga of whatever there? They can come here, take grass and go, and we buy cow in exchange, just like the governors said. We do not have such mass land required.”

The statement also called on “the Federal Government to be mindful of what they are doing because cattle rearing is a private farming business. Why should the government support individual cattle farmers against other farmers?”

It added: “CAN is calling on all Christians, all law-abiding citizens of Southern Nigeria to please watch and pray. Watch means that you must open your eyes to see what is going on and therefore pray; do not relent.

“Anybody that is coming to buy land now, in the name of business, factory, and what have you, let us be cautious in dealing with the person because their plot is to turn such into a colony.”